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Whether you run our POS, Self Service or Companion solutions, our pricing could not be more straightforward:

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*Prices are in GBP based on an annual plan, on a per unit/device basis.

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Want to run multiple devices?
Have multiple locations?
Want to purchase hardware or require services?

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Every package includes…

  • Access to the cloud-based K3|imagine platform
  • Advice and support from a customer success consultant to help choose and set-up the right K3|imagine solution
  • Quick and easy set-up – plug and play software
  • Secure data back-up

Wir bieten eine Komplettlösung


We offer a complete retail solution including printers, scanners, card terminals and PCs. Contact us to choose an affordable hardware package, or to see if your existing hardware is compatible.


Through our payment partners, you can accept all forms of payment via our Point Of Sale software. Your customers will enjoy seamless transactions with Apple, Android, voucher and QR code.


Integrate systems using our K3|dataswitch integration tool. This includes enterprise resource planning applications (ERP) and Internet of Things (IoT) data.


We’ll help you reap the benefits of K3|imagine. We can advise you on the best solutions for your business. We can set up your hardware and train your staff.

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