Create your own applications

Work with us to develop your own solution.

  • Cloud-native platform
  • Quick and easy to deploy - plug and play software
  • Apps can be used on any device
  • Options for multiple users, devices and locations
  • Secure cloud back-up

As a cloud-native platform, K3|imagine’s app-building software enables us to design, build and run applications, based on your specific needs.

This infrastructure-as-a-service approach is combined with new operational tools and services such as continuous integration, container engines and orchestrators. This means we can produce, test and deploy new apps quickly, with minimal risk. There is also the opportunity to scale-up as your business grows.

A versatile platform to build applications

K3 creates apps to solve specific business challenges for our customers. All these apps are browser-based so there’s no need to download them onto a device. So long as you can get online, you can access our solutions.

Examples of specialist applications include:

Contact us to discuss your requirements and let’s see how K3|imagine can help.

If you ever need technical support or advice, our expert team are on hand. Simply call us or email your nearest support team.

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